Rice heeft erg mooi melamine servies. Melamine bekers, borden en bestek in gezellige kleuren. De melamine producten van Rice zijn Fair Trade gecertificeerd. Daarnaast is het melamine bisphenol-A BPA-vrij en bevat het geen weekmakers. Het servies is vaatwasmachine bestendig. Leuk en handig om elke dag te gebruiken!

RICE Melamin GeschirrFood Safety is one of the priorities of RICE Denmark. As they have a lot of products in their collection to be used for food contact RICE has built a self control system. This system is overviewed by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration (DVFA). The self control system is an ongoing process in close cooperation with all suppliers in order always to live up to the European standards. All RICE Melamine products are long lasting dishware made from 100% melamine. They are approved by health authorities and tested food safe. This means that we guarantee: no bisphenol-A, no phtalates, dishwasher safety. We have been doing melamine almost since the very beginning of RICE. There are lots of different qualities of melamine available on the market, and it can be quite difficult to see if the quality is a 100% melamine or a blend of several other components. RICE has developed a small sticker to put on all melamine items. This is your guarantee that all products are made from 100% melamine. It will also make it easier for you to distinguish between the RICE Original Quality and whatever else you can find out there.



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